Frequently Asked Questions

What is in my tea?

Just the leaves of our tea trees. Because Brouwer & Garos only sells the highest quality of natural tea leaves, we do not need to create melanges (adding natural or unnatural flavor additives) and we also do not blend our teas. All the multi-layered experiences of Brouwer & Garos tea solely comes from the tea leaves themselves.

Where does your tea come from?

Brouwer & Garos tea originates from small scale and family owned estates. Knowledge about growing and making tea is passed down over multiple generations, some of the families we work with are already in the tea business for more than ten generations. Brouwer & Garos tea comes from the best estates in the world, and is unblended. This allows you to enjoy the subtle variations between the seasons and over the years.

How is Brouwer & Garos sustainable?

Brouwer & Garos fosters organic farming. We minimize our packaging to have as little carbon footprint as possible and we regularly talk with our farmers about the way they grow the crops to reduce the environmental impact on the local ecosystem.

Is your tea Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a certification from the FLO organization, which shows that the tea farm receives a honest price for their product. We have a direct relation with the tea farmers, so we can make sure they get compensated fairly for their efforts. We do not pay for the Fairtrade certification and can thus pay farmers more for their efforts. Consequently, we pay our farmers some of the highest compensation in the industry.

Is your tea organic?

A lot of our tea is grown organically, but some of our tea farmers do not acquire organic certificates as the costs outweighs the benefits; mainly because this quality of tea is first and foremost drunk by the tea farmers and Taiwanese people themselves and they seldom sell it. When the tea you buy originated from one of the tea families who actually acquired these organic certificates, we will make sure you will receive an official certification.

What makes Brouwer & Garos unique?

Tea has different gradations. Different factors influence the price and quality of tea. The higher the tea is grown, the grade of the leaves, the more skilled the tea-master making the tea, and if the tea is hand-picked, constitute some of the various elements which improve the quality of the tea and the taste.

Brouwer & Garos tea is of the quality that tea importers drink themselves. Due to the limited supply of such tea it was not yet available for consumers. Depending on the country, most of this tea never leaves the country of origin.

Why are the prices differing per season?

Sometimes tea is very scarce and difficult to make in a certain season, which influences the price. Also, certain seasons are better suited for certain teas, and are therefore more in demand.

Will my data be shared?

It will not. To be able to send you the shipment, Brouwer & Garos will only use your address information.