Brouwer Garos Oolong

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Our tea comes from Muzha, in the northern part of Taiwan. In the 1860’s the tea from Anxi was introduced in China. The Muzha region developed its own way of making tea, and became famous for its subtle charcoal roasting. This Brouwer Garos Oolong comes from an ancient plant, which is rare. Nowadays, mostly other and newly introduced tea cultivars are used to try to match its quality

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Taste and Aroma

The smell and taste carry very heavy notes of roasting at the start. Afterwards the tea is very smooth and gentle and tastes slightly bitter and somewhat sour like a mango. The taste is strong but smooth. The aftertaste is very sweet and full of summer flower fragrances


The leaves are hand picked and left in the sunshine for 30 minutes. After this a process of indoor withering, fixation and firing takes place. With this tea repeated hand rollling and gentle roasting take place at same time. During this process the tea releases a very fruity, slightly sugary smell

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4 gram sample, 60 gram

Tea tin

Including an airtight tea tin, Excluding an airtight tea tin

1 review for Brouwer Garos Oolong

  1. 5 out of 5


    I normally drink coffee, but I bought this tea and was amazed by the flavour. The way how the roasted flavour in the beginning is followed by a very sweet and flowery taste just blew my mind.

    Order neatly shipped to my door, all in order, would definitely recommend to friends!

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