Brouwer Garos Red


Our tea comes from Hsinchu county, in the north west of Formosa. This tea is very unique, as it needs green leafhoppers to eat parts of the leaves, who are usually only available in summer. The tea was introduced in Europe by Queen Elizabeth II of the British Royal Court, who took such a liking to the tea that she called it the most beautiful tea of all

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Taste and Aroma

A pure and very elegant flavor with honey and ripe fruits. The tea has a smooth and brisk flavor. The tea smells like honey and fruits


With this fine tea only the flush, the very top of the top leaf, is picked. After the leaves are hand picked in the morning they are and left in the sunshine for 60 minutes, a longer time than usual with oolong, to have more oxidation, and a stronger fragrance. This makes the tea taste very much like a black tea. Afterwards, the leaves are tossed and set down for three to four hours, a process which is repeated five times. After midnight the leaves are fixated and rolled with hot air

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4 gram sample, 60 gram

Tea tin

Including an airtight tea tin, Excluding an airtight tea tin


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