Brouwer Garos Green


Made only from tea leaf tips in an involved process that results in it having a tight rolled up shape, Brouwer Garos Green tea is renowned for its fruity taste and lingering floral aroma. The tea has a bright green colour and a heavy, almost citrus-like aroma surrounding it. Our Green tea plants are mixed in with a variety of fragnant fruit trees to give the tea its aroma and taste

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Product Description

Taste and Aroma

The first infusion is strong and has a lasting aftertaste of complex flavors, consisting of fruit, flowery and nutty notes. The tea is aromatic, smooth and mellow


After picking, it is put under sun for a couple hours. Afterwards it is put in withering for two to four hours before the leaves are dried

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4 gram sample, 60 gram

Tea tin

Including an airtight tea tin, Excluding an airtight tea tin


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