High Mountain Black


Our tea is grown at a height of 2000 meters on the Lishan Mountain. The tea is surrounded by mist all year. The mountain has large temperature differences between day and night, and has little sunshine with occasional windy drafts. Because the tea is grown at such a high altitude, the leaves are very thick and it will not taste bitter, in contrast to other black teas. Unstable weather significantly lowered yields this year, but what was produced is surprisingly delicious and complex

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Taste and Aroma

The body of this tea is strong, but the taste is very smooth. The fragrance is very strong and long lasting and is full of fruits with resemblances to the sweet scent of the Muscat grape and wine. The taste is sweet and mellow with the taste of ripe fruit and a strong honey flavor


This tea is very unique as to our knowledge our tea farmers are the only one in Formosa to make this tea, and it is distinct from any other tea in the world. During the process, oxidation is stopped earlier than usual with black tea, which gives it a unique ball shape. This process makes this tea smoother and gives it its unique honey aroma

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4 gram sample, 60 gram

Tea tin

Including an airtight tea tin, Excluding an airtight tea tin


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