Native Black


Our native wild tea trees were not planted, but found when the forest was cleared to plant tea gardens. The quality of the tea that is made from these rare bushes, is yet another confirmation of the Taiwan’s truly distinctive contribution and legacy

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Taste and Aroma

The tea of our Native Black has a fruity, gentle and smooth taste with pleasant hints of citrus and wild rose


Our Native Black is made by first withering the hand-picked leaves, to reduce the moistere contet for 14 hours. Additionally the tea leaves are rolled and slightly crushed to start the process of fermentation, this stage takes up to four hours. Consequently the leaves will turn from green to coppery read. Finally the leaves are fired at 100 degrees Celsius to halt the process of fermentation. It is at this stage that the leaves will turn black and acquire their recognisable aftertaste

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4 gram sample, 60 gram

Tea tin

Including an airtight tea tin, Excluding an airtight tea tin


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